Two Drunk Moms

Modern drinking for modern parents

Four Parents Rediscover Alcohol

Where did it all begin? At Bevmo actually. A couple of parents decided to check out the new Bevmo in town and discovered what we now refer to as “Tiny Bottles!”


Gone are the days of simply purchasing a tiny bottle of vodka or whiskey to squirrel away to feed your alcoholic habits. In fact, there are now so many bottles to choose from for those of us out of the alcohol and bar scene since having kids, this is a great way to become reinitiated in the fine art of cocktails.

I mean, check this out! 


(Disclaimer: We do not condone alcoholism, drinking underage, driving while drinking, drinking and texting, sneaking alcohol into places, carrying open intoxicants, or any of that other bad stuff. In fact, because we're nice and care about our readers, we may do some of the stuff above, so you don't have to!)


Where was I? Oh, yah... So, we bought a slew of Tiny Bottles! and enjoyed a little taste testing. Since then, more Tiny Bottles! have come on the scene and we have enjoyed those as well. Some of us have taken up crafting with an alcohol theme, while others have found the perfect television shows or movies to watch while drinking, while another searches endlessly for songs about alcohol. We've even managed a couple of date nights away from the kids. UNFORGETTABLE!

We've moved on since Bevmo, to Total Wine and even local grocery store liquor departments. Tiny Bottles! have become big bottles and various other friends have chipped in to stock our bar with liquor, mixers and other must-have accessories.

We hope you'll join us on this journey of discovery, no matter how absurd it may seem, and frankly will be, as we rediscover alcohol.