Two Drunk Moms

Modern drinking for modern parents

The Point

So, what is the point of all of this? Heck if we know. We may or may not be having a beverage as we write this post. What we do know, is that as responsible adults, yes-with children, we have also discovered the wonderful outlet that a little weekly imbibing and close friendship has brought us.


We’ve been keeping track of our taste testing and even some of our crazy concoctions. Enjoying what we fondly refer to as “Jiz” drinks, various smoothies that turn out amazing, and others that end up just a little too… lumpy to be enjoyable. We have tried more Tiny Bottles! than we’ve ever thought possible. We’ve also made the mistake of enjoying a Tiny Bottle!, only to purchase the large bottle and then realize that it is not as wonderful as we remember it.


Because we think we are downright hilarious and brilliant while drinking, and really no one should be having as much fun as we are; we want to share—our reviews (aka: opinions), games, recipes, books, apps and shows or movies we watch along with any other crap that we do or say on our Fabulous Fridays as Two Drunk Moms.